Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services

Conflict Resolution Services


You may run into any number of conflicts as a part of your student experience. Conflict Resolution Services is here to help you find solutions through a fair and respectful process.

We will listen to you, get answers to your questions, provide information and advice, develop options, and assist you in pursuing a resolution.  If you have a problem that you aren’t sure how to resolve, Conflict Resolution Services is the perfect starting point.

Call 970.491.7165 to schedule an appointment for help with your problem.

Topics include:

  • Faculty/student issues
  • Academic matters and appeals
  • Staff/student issues
  • Supervisor/employee conflicts
  • Co-worker disputes
  • Roommate disagreements
  • University policies and procedures
Grade Appeals Mediation and Facilitation
Restorative Justice Conflict Coaching
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