Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services

Jurisdiction - individuals


The Colorado State University Student Conduct Code applies to conduct that occurs on University premises and at University-sponsored programs or activities. It also applies to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community, poses a threat to persons or property, or damages the institution’s reputation or relationship with the greater community. In addition, Colorado State University, in collaboration with the Fort Collins community, may respond to student violations of community-based laws and ordinances designed to protect civility and quality of life. The Director of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services decides whether the Student Conduct Code applies to off-campus conduct on a case-by-case basis.


The University holds each student accountable to the Student Conduct Code from application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree. This includes periods before classes begin or after classes end, during the academic year, and between terms of actual enrollment.  The disciplinary process may proceed even if the student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending.

Academic units

Academic faculty, departments, and colleges are responsible for establishing orderly procedures for academic and classroom discipline. Each instructor is primarily responsible for communicating standards of academic integrity and classroom behavior, implementing University policy, and responding to behavioral issues.  Instructors may consult with and/or refer matters to Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services to consider University disciplinary charges or other means of conflict resolution. Faculty actions related to classroom discipline are reported to Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services and kept as part of the student disciplinary record.

Procedures for academic misconduct cases are also detailed in the Colorado State University Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual, General Catalog, the Graduate and Professional Bulletin, the Honor Code of the Professional Veterinary Medicine Program, and the School of Public Health as applicable.

Violation of Law and Colorado State University Discipline

A student may face both University disciplinary proceedings and criminal or civil litigation charges, since the same factual situation may allegedly violate both the Student Conduct Code and criminal or civil law.  University discipline proceedings may happen before, during, or after civil or criminal proceedings.  These proceedings are entirely separate; legal outcomes do not affect the university discipline process.


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