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Questions About Outcomes

Will my parents be notified?

CSU’s efforts to address drug and alcohol issues are more effective when we partner with your parents. Your parent/guardian of record may be notified if you are: 1) under 21 years of age, 2) found responsible for an alcohol or drug policy violation, and 3) placed on disciplinary probation. Parents/guardians normally will not receive information on any other type of violation, although it is a good idea for you to tell them and talk about what happened. If you want to allow your parents access to your disciplinary records, you must sign a release form.

Will my conduct file be kept confidential?

The federal Family Educational and Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) states your conduct file and the details of your situation cannot be shared with anyone without your written permission or unless there is an educational need for them to know.   If you wish to give permission to someone, you must sign a release of information at Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services in 325 Aylesworth Hall NW.

I disagree with the hearing officer’s decision. What can I do about it?

You may appeal the decision to the University Discipline Panel.

Will my transcript include anything about my discipline record?

Most hearing outcomes are not noted on transcripts. Disciplinary suspension is noted on the transcript during the period of suspension and/or until the conditions for re-admission have been met.  At that time, the student may petition for admissions clearance and/or removal of the notation. Disciplinary expulsion is permanently noted on the academic transcript and cannot be removed.

I have applied to another school/Semester at Sea/Study Abroad/etc. Do you send them my discipline file?

No, we do not send them your file. They may require you to sign a release form and bring it to our office, for us to answer specific questions about your history. Each form is different and the questions vary.


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