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If you are in crisis, contact one of these emergency assistance resources:

  • Concerned about Someone’s Mental Health and Safety? Tell Someone.
  • Victim Assistance Team (available 24 hours): call 970-492-4242
  • Report a crime: call x911 or 970-491-6425, report online or anonymously online

The role of Conflict Resolution Services is to:

  • resolve conflicts at the lowest level possible and foster non-adversarial solutions
  • assist all visitors in receiving fair and equitable treatment within the university system
  • act as an advocate for a fair process, not as an advocate for the visitor or the university
  • listen and consider all sides of an issue in an objective and impartial manner
  • empower students to solve conflicts on their own

Please complete and submit this form to request a consultation. We can discuss your conflict in
person or by phone; however, we do not offer same-day or drop-in appointments.

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In most circumstances your visit will be kept confidential. Exceptions under the law include a court order, imminent danger to yourself and others, child abuse, sexual harassment and discrimination. These must be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity and/or another appropriate authority. If your situation does not involve any of these circumstances, then all contacts, records, and communications will be kept confidential at Conflict Resolution Services. If you would like to talk to someone with full confidentiality privileges, please contact Counseling Services, the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, Student Legal Services, or personnel at CSU Health Network. 

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