Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services

Student Consultation Team

Colorado State University‚Äôs Student Consultation Team (SCT) engages with individuals that may pose a threat of violence to self, others, or the CSU community.  After an incident occurs, the committee convenes to make recommendations and initiate responses that provide for the well-being, safety, and respect of all those involved.  Examples of situations in which the Student Consultation Committee could be convened include but are not limited to a student that is exhibiting disruptive behavior in multiple campus settings, a student who has expressed a desire to hurt themselves or others, or a student who has significant mental health concerns.  The SCT is a group of trained professionals with resources from different departments that help keep the CSU campus a safe and secure working and learning environment.  The SCT supports students in a caring and holistic manner while attending to the needs of the CSU community. The Special Adviser for Safety and Assessment serves as the chair and the Director of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services functions as the backup.  For more information, contact the Vice President of Student Affairs office at 970.491.4962.

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